Types of Ducks

Many ducks are already migrating toward their breeding grounds. Here are some of the types of ducks that you are likely to see during spring migration.
Although it might not feel like spring migration should be starting up, many types of ducks are already beginning their trek northward. As soon as lakes and reservoirs have open water, you can count on many ducks, geese, and other waterbirds to start their migration back to their breeding grounds. These 20 types of ducks are some of the ones you are likely to see if you head out to your local lake, reservoir, or marsh with a spotting scope this spring!

Northern Pintail

The northern pintail is one of my favorite types of ducks. The male’s pattern is extremely unique and distinct so you are unlikely to confuse this species with any of the other ducks. This species is more likely to be found in shallow ponds and marshes than on large bodies of water. Look for the very long tail feathers in flight, which will help you pick this species out from a great distance.

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Cinnamon Teal
“This is a cinnamon teal swimming in a pond, reflecting all the colors surrounding it. The colors in the water include blues from the sky, the greens from the grasses, and the browns from the bushes and cattails,” says Vicki Faist.

Long-Tailed Duck
Sue Gronholz of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, shared this photo of a long-tailed duck. This species has a small bill and the male is known for its long tail feathers.

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